Amethyst Soteria by Shelley Bruce

Yarn with a purpose

Many of you may remember me from my adventures on Broadway in "Annie". I began as the orphan Kate in the original cast and then took over for one of my best friends, Andrea McArdle. You may also remember that a few years after leaving the show, at 16 years old,  I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). I spent 6 weeks at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), on their Pediatric floor. Although I was battling a very serious, life threatening illness, I have such fond memories of making cookies in the playroom and sneaking downstairs to the cafeteria for sesame chicken at all hours with Andrea when she would come hang out after the cabaret show she was doing. 

It is amazing what comes out of facing difficult challenges. While recovering from surgery recently, I was unable to do much other than just sit and relax, no driving, no exerting myself. I found myself crocheting and creating all different kinds of scarves. I came up with the idea to market them as a way to give back to the one place that is dear to my heart, MSK, the place that made it possible for me to grow up and raise 2 amazing children of my own. The more I crochet the more I create! You never know what will show up on the site. I am now making blankets, too. If you have an idea for a new item, let me know! I personally hand make each item and instead of one of those "made by" tags, each item will have an inspiring charm attached with a flower as my signature. The best and most rewarding part of this is that 10% of each item purchased will be donated to pediatric cancer research. The Infinity scarf can be worn as a long infinity scarf, wrapped around to create a warm snugly scarf close to your neck, wrap it twice and pull one half over your head for those snowy/rainy days, or, in the warmer months, used like a shrug for those cooler evenings. A scarf for every season made out of a warm and silky yarn that comes in too many colors to choose from. The Traditional scarf is great for guys and gals and is  done in one of my favorite stitches tailored to the length of your choice. I use a variety of yarns but some of my favorites are from Lion Brand and Bernat. The Homespun and Heartland lines are used for the Infinty/shawl scarves since they come in so many amazing colors and are silky enough in texture to hang beautifully over the shoulders, something for every personality. So come join me on an amazing journey to give a little something back to the kids!

‚Äč xoxo
Shelley Bruce